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Already at the stage of primary production, we as vegetable producers are obliged to meet a number of mandatory requirements for food safety.


As a vegetable producer, we are obliged to comply with a whole range of food safety requirements already at the stage of primary production.

  • cuttings and seeds we use have a certificate of conformity,
  • in accredited laboratories we carry out cyclic tests of soil, water used for irrigation and ready raw materials,
  • from crops we have excluded the use of organic fertilizers in the form of manure, sewage sludge, as well as soil disinfectants,
  • we use minimizing plant protection products.

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We grow: icebergsalad (iceberg lettuce), endive, romaine lettuce, lollo rosso, batavia-salad, radicchio. We also offer baby leaf: rocket (arugula), lamb's lettuce (corn salad, field salad) and spinach.

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